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6/10 - Amazing art but levels just became endurance tests of the same level after the first half of the game.

Liked it a lot, but after the first half of the game all the levels were the same but longer. Wish there were more fun gimmick levels like Boise even though it was a bit of a difficulty spike compared to its previous level. Enjoyed the final boss too with the robo decoy threat.

Aside from the levels, the art was spectacular. Always loved the gritty looks of Johnny's work and the smooth clean linework of Speedo. Only small little nitpick I have about the art is that the heavy car and the medium car were a bit difficult to tell apart when I started the game. I mostly relied on the slight height difference and the headlights during the faster levels. Other than that, art is goooooood. An art gallery would be great.

I'm not much of a sound or music person so I don't really know how to rate it on that. Can only really say that its nothing bad. However, the volume of the sounds during the battle get quite loud in the more chaotic levels.

Here are some bugs I encountered...
- Wasting off all your parts right before an invasion causes the game to softlock by staying in invasion mode with no vehicle or drones spawning. The problem can just be avoided by pressing R now though.
- In some levels, vehicles that are close together will have a drone or two go to them as well even though you had already given them a weapon. This happens when the following vehicle gets an invasion.
- The "Perfect Game" badge doesn't work. Cleared it all with stars on each level and didn't receive the badge. Thought it had something to do with me refreshing the game to retry a level (this was before R was implemented as the retry button) since medals for a particular level had popped up even though I had already earned them. Perfected each level again and still didn't receive it. Not that big of a deal since its just a badge. I'll probably start a new game later to try again and hopefully get it.
(Edit: Just perfected the game again on a new save. Didn't get the badge sadly.)

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