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too damn gooooooooooooooooooood. always love these duo action animations.
pacing and action felt consistent and it smoothly increased as it reached the end. also loved the constant use of the environment for cover or a better advantage. it was a joy to watch it all the way through. end battle and the fight in the dark were my favorite parts, especially the latter.

only nitpicks i have are...
- the blood looked very strainy and lacking despite what was done to the victim. they could be blown up, sliced, or be shotgunned right in the head and only drop a few small blood stains
- action in the first 2 rooms felt a bit too slow, but nothing unbearable
- some of the sprites and backgrounds need some polish

hope u get atleast 5th or higher dude, super underrated film. cant wait to see more from you

agent-cn responds:

glad you like it and yeah, the nitpicks are valid criticisms . . . some bloodsprays/splatters play out inconsistently, i didnt have the art skill to polish the artwork, and i did cringe when looking at the earlier parts lol

THIS WAS SUCH A SICK PREVIEW!!! Everything from the intro to the end was just OUTSTANDING! I really liked all the effort you put into it. It feels like its a game just by how smooth and great your animation skills are, but sadly I don't think this will ever be made since there hasn't been a sign of it in a decade. :(((

I'm not very happy with this collab it was pretty boring to watch for me. No one in the collab had something very exciting or special to go back and look at. It was just seeing one or two guys that go in a room and kill zombies a bunch of times only with a few good clips like Ghost's, Kenamy's, and Duding's just to name a few. This collab could've been amazing if there a lot more great ideas put into it because there are TONS of things there could've been in this like special zombies, different ways of infecting instead of a zombie bite, survivors fighting other survivors while zombies attack both of them at the same time, people mutating, cures that turn zombies back to normal, and huge hordes of zombies fighting at night. All of these ideas would've made this collab maybe one of the best things ever made in madness. The only things that I find good about this collab aside from the good clips is that almost everyone had a smooth animation and the music that's it. Overall, this collab wasn't very good as I was expecting it to be and could've been an amazing one if everyone brought in their own amazing idea to add to this genre. 2/5

Eshio responds:

Yay! oke.. :D

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6/10 - Amazing art but levels just became endurance tests of the same level after the first half of the game.

Liked it a lot, but after the first half of the game all the levels were the same but longer. Wish there were more fun gimmick levels like Boise even though it was a bit of a difficulty spike compared to its previous level. Enjoyed the final boss too with the robo decoy threat.

Aside from the levels, the art was spectacular. Always loved the gritty looks of Johnny's work and the smooth clean linework of Speedo. Only small little nitpick I have about the art is that the heavy car and the medium car were a bit difficult to tell apart when I started the game. I mostly relied on the slight height difference and the headlights during the faster levels. Other than that, art is goooooood. An art gallery would be great.

I'm not much of a sound or music person so I don't really know how to rate it on that. Can only really say that its nothing bad. However, the volume of the sounds during the battle get quite loud in the more chaotic levels.

Here are some bugs I encountered...
- Wasting off all your parts right before an invasion causes the game to softlock by staying in invasion mode with no vehicle or drones spawning. The problem can just be avoided by pressing R now though.
- In some levels, vehicles that are close together will have a drone or two go to them as well even though you had already given them a weapon. This happens when the following vehicle gets an invasion.
- The "Perfect Game" badge doesn't work. Cleared it all with stars on each level and didn't receive the badge. Thought it had something to do with me refreshing the game to retry a level (this was before R was implemented as the retry button) since medals for a particular level had popped up even though I had already earned them. Perfected each level again and still didn't receive it. Not that big of a deal since its just a badge. I'll probably start a new game later to try again and hopefully get it.
(Edit: Just perfected the game again on a new save. Didn't get the badge sadly.)

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Great job! This is an improvement from your last drawing of yourself. Your values with the colors look nicely done, the line work of your character is smooth, the way you drew the pose is great, your background colors and the colors used in the character fit in nicely, and your characters face looks really funny and cute. The only problem I have with this is that at the top part of the pencil (the wooden part) it's kinda round when normal pencils are just straight. If it was just straight then it would look more sharper and maybe make the art a tinsy bit better. Aside from that this art is excellent. Keep up the good work! b( '<')b

Tarantulaben responds:

Thanks for the nice little review! It was intentional for the pencil to not be super pointy. Just wanted a different look. Maybe you could say it's been dulled from drawing or something. c:

I really like this! The lines are smooth, the colors fit in, the values were nicely done, the background looks great, and the characters look cute. I would like to see more art from you and maybe a speed paint video so I can watch and learn how you draw things. Overall, this is a excellent piece of artwork!

Tarantulaben responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I actually have done a speed paint video before, but it's 4 years old and I draw a lot differently now. I've always thought about doing another one but I never remember to record myself, haha.

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