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BizWuzzZuzz's News

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - May 1st, 2017

Sorry that I haven't made a newspost in a while it's just that school has been reducing my free time and my interest in doing other things has left me with little to no time to animate things. But there is good news and somewhat bad news. The good news is that my exams are pretty much done and summer break is only weeks away, and the somewhat bad news is that I still don't have much time for animation but still enough to get some tests and progress done.

Anyways, here are the tests I've promised in my last 2 posts. (I was too lazy to add any sounds to any of these.)

3 axe tests

3 regular tests

MineHead test (sort of a regular test)

Also I've made some NG game characters out of Perler Beads a pretty long time ago and I've decided to share them for Pico Day. I'm pretty proud of them especially the Red Knight.


[Top; Left to Right: Blue Knight & Red Knight] [Bottom; L to R: MeatBoy & Alien Hominid]


Here is a better picture of MeatBoy in the bottom left corner.

Thanks for reading this newspost and have a great day! Also Happy late Pico Day!

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - March 17th, 2017


Some doodles I've done in skewl in my freetime. They kinda look terrible and it's probably hard for you people to understand what they have without any coloring. They'll look much better when I make the sprites for them in Flash. How do they look so far? Is there anything that should be added or fixed?

Here's the descriptions of the 2 characters if you can't read my horrible hand writing.

Minehead (Left): Uses his arsenal of explosives against his enemies. Somewhat resistant to his own explosives.

Sea People (Right): (idk yet) {The little arrow at the end of the spear that is pointing at the blue spiky things says "Electrical"}

The test that I said that wasn't done still isn't, but it will be done and posted in my next post with some other tests.

Thank you for looking at this newspost and have a nice day!

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - March 14th, 2017

Hallo der.

Haven't been doing much on animating because of school projects and other things. But I have got some things done that I would like to share. I've made some TF2 sprites which I had fun doing and I've been making a test that isn't dun yet and will most likely come in my next news post. So heres the sprites I've beeen making.

Sniper's kukri


Sniper's SMG


Watcha think of em?

I also have this idea of a flora madness enemy tell me how it looks and if something needs to be fixed or added. It will help me greatly on making the sprites for this fella.

Flora madness enemy idea


Thats all I have to share for you peeps. Thanks for taking ur time looking at this.

Hope ya have a nice day!




Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - February 25th, 2017


Whew... almost done finshing my collab part. Just need to animate a few more things and put in a whole lotta sounds. Hopefully this will be done by Monday.

Hope ya have a nice day! :)

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - February 12th, 2017

Welp here ya go.

La testasdasdarerkwe

Hope you enjoy it.

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - February 6th, 2017


The last screenshot of my collab part and its gonna be a long one. I added something a little special since its the last one. 

Hope ya have a nice day!

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - January 31st, 2017


The 2nd to last screen for my 1st collab part.

Have a nice day!

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - January 27th, 2017


I love animating blood effects. You think its too much?

Have a nice day!

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - January 22nd, 2017


Been makin some progress on my collab part. Nothing special in the screenshot.

Have a nice day!

Posted by BizWuzzZuzz - January 18th, 2017

Well hooray! I just got 10 fans and its a little achievement for me.


Thank you all who followed me! It really motivates me to keep on going. :)

So, anyways I've joined Armi's collab and Im not going to show a lot screens of my parts because I wanna keep it as a surprise when the collab comes out.


Heres a little screeny of my part. Also Im not going to put anything special in these so I can keep it a surprise.

As always have a nice day!